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CURODONT produces highly efficient medical products for sensitive teeth. The CUROLOX® technology invented by credentis AG provides a healthy alternative to the aggressive fluorid which is used in thousands of products for teeths such as toothpaste.
With their sensitive teeth product series the credentis AG provides healthy products for daily use and on the go - such as chewing gums and toffees.

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The credentis AG already sold some of its existing products through an online shop based on WordPress / WooCommerce to its business customers.

The goal of a new e-commerce platform and online marketing strategies was clearly outlined: reach out to people of the consumer market, reduce bounce rates and maximize conversions.


Our team developed a JAMstack application which provides fast page speed and statically generated pages for the new online shop of CURODONT.

Using the headless CMS Storyblok, our client is able to easily change content, adjust prices and add new products to the storefront. On a biweekly basis the credentis AG is able to quickly add new knowledge articles for their customers to share important insights about the technology behind the products and its use cases.

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