Database Design

Big Data

Predictive Analytics
& Data Mining

Industrial leaders often work with large ERP systems to manage product information, production processes, warehouse data, customers and invoices. They are usually very familiar with storing all this data. With data mining techniques, it is possible to gain valuable insights and predict short- and long-term sales and behaviors and generate real value.


Hundreds of tables packed with data, thousands of attributes in millions of rows of raw data - a human brain can easily be overwhelmed by the massive amount of potential information. Gaining insights from it, let alone drawing conclusions, is nearly impossible for humans.

However, interpreted correctly, this data can often lead to a significant increase in revenue.


We dug into the depths of the information system to make sense of the data. The aggregation of hundreds of attributes across millions of lines over the past decades allowed us to make predictions about the usage and degradation of individual parts, which opened up new opportunities for our customer to proactively optimize their sales.

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